Preventive Maintenance Software Makes It A Breeze

March 29, 2014
1 min

If there's one thing that always gets pushed on the back burner, it's preventative maintenance. Usually this is because things are so busy with pressing matters that the tasks that have to be done on a regular basis tend to get forgotten and planning for preventative maintenance can be a challenge.


For instance, if you run a hotel or motel maintenance crew then you know how busy things are during certain seasons like summer, holidays, spring break, and weekends. If it's a warehouse you are in charge of then you know that machinery maintenance is paramount in ensuring that the equipment is not only efficient but safe as well and production can get extremely busy during certain times of the year.


Cost Effective

The reality is that these preventative maintenance tasks still have to be done in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently and you don't have to put extra help on tasks that could have been taken care of by being proactive. Whether it's machines that have downtime due to not being serviced properly or extra work that maintenance workers have to do at a hotel, this puts everyone behind and is neither cost effective or an efficient way of doing business.


For instance, some of the common preventative tasks at a hospitality establishment include changing air filters, inspecting power generators, fire alarm inspections, vehicle or transportation inspections, checking plumbing hoses, checking shut-off valve leaks, etc. These are the tasks that keep everything running properly but during those busy times of the year it can seem that they get forgotten or pushed to the back of the queue. At a warehouse facility then it might be specific equipment that has to be maintained on a regular basis.


It's a Breeze

With facility maintenance software, preventative maintenance is a breeze. Everything starts by scheduling the workload. You enter the time of day, day of the month, reoccurring or a one-time task, the month, comments on what it is being done or anything else you need to add, and more. Once you have that set up it's easy to use and be able to schedule maintenance requests. You can assign certain employees to do the job and never have to worry that the preventative maintenance tasks are being taken care of when they should.


Our facility maintenance software is a smart way of doing business. With the preventive maintenance software tasks that you can assign you'll be sure that everything is tended to as soon as possible and you can have your employees spend their time on other projects so that everything runs efficiently.



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