Maintenance Work Order Software is Key to Keeping up on Backlogs

July 6, 2015
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Like anything in life, once you become behind in something – things start to snowball. This snowball effect is especially relevant when it comes to running a facility. Once the work gets behind, it is harder to catch up on it and get back to some semblance of normal operations. 


This doesn't just apply to preventative maintenance either; the snowball effect is detrimental in day-to-day operations as well.


At the Gallatin County Parks Department, the maintenance is typically done by volunteers but with more park visitors combined with fewer volunteers; the maintenance has been becoming more than can be handled and a as a result a backlog has been created.


Stay On Top of Work Orders

This example can fit any facility. Simply replace “volunteers” with staff and without being able to stay up on top of the work orders, a backlog becomes evident. One way to help be sure that the work orders get done on time is with maintenance work order software.


Schedule Ahead of Time

How it works is that you can schedule work order tasks and preventative maintenance in advance and the work is scheduled automatically. It not only saves you time but it allows you to ensure that no matter where you're at, the work is being allocated.


Trigger Work When Needed

The way that this helps is that you can set these work orders up at your convenience. When the work orders are ready to be done they are automatically sent out and your staff doesn't even have to be in the general vicinity because it is sent via the IMCare App which allows you to manage the tasks, look up assets, and receive notifications.


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Backlogs can happen at any facility but by having Maintenance Work Order Software, you can at least stay on top of things and prevent it from becoming out of control.


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