Maintenance Work Order Software: Do Automated Hygiene Systems Work?

July 10, 2015
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From automated hand hygiene systems to automatic soap dispensers and antibacterial dispensers, these are tools found in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and even businesses. If you're the facility manager and in charge of purchasing this type of equipment, it is important to know if they work well and what the maintenance will encompass.


Automated Hygene System

There are a couple of main areas in automated hygiene. One is the automated hand hygiene system and this is something used by doctors, nurses, and staff at healthcare facilities of all types. This machine is a touch-free, fully automated system that washes and dries hands with the user never having to touch anything at all. This particular system is something that is most likely purchased by the hospital and not the maintenance manager and its maintenance is more than likely an IT job instead of the facility manager's.


Automated Soap Dispensers

On the other side of the spectrum is automated soap and antibacterial dispensers. These go in just about any bathroom whether it's a health club, auto shop, lawn care business, hospitality business, or even the same nursing homes and healthcare facilities listed above. This equipment does need preventative maintenance as well as work orders when it needs cleaning, maintaining, and refilling. Without proper maintenance, these beneficial systems cannot work properly which is why it is important to schedule preventative maintenance when needed.


Do They Work?

Do these systems work? Studies have shown that without a plan in place of the employee having to use it, chances are they are not utilized as often as needed to make a real difference. Obviously the rules are more in place at healthcare facilities but the whole point of having these is to ensure that people are kept more free from germs, which can save lives.


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Without proper care however, these units can't work as efficiently as possible and can even work against what they are intended for. With maintenance work order software, you can be sure that any preventative maintenance as well as new work orders are taken care of promptly and you won't have equipment that is sub-par or not working to its potential.


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