Keep Track of Your Investments with Asset Management Solutions

January 20, 2016
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Predicting asset performance can help save your organization thousands of dollars every year.  Start the new year off right with the proper tools to keep yourself organized.


One of the ways you can help keep track of your assets is with Asset Management Solutions software from Maintenance Care.  This software has many benefits, but lets focus strictly on asset management for now. 

Easy Record Keeping

With this software you keep all of your asset details in one convenient, easy to navigate location. Maintain records on all essential profile information including make, model, serial number and much more. You can profile your equipment and access each item's information using our mobile app for your convenience.  Enter purchase date, make, model, description, and more so that you have easily accessible records at your fingertips.


Predict Performance

You can even predict life expectancy with this software. Predicting asset performance can help save your organization thousands of dollars every year. Trending the life expectancy of assets can allow for effective evaluation of spending practices and give you a greater understanding for which equipment needs replacing and which brands are more effective. 


Track Life Expectancy

Be able to see how many times equipment has had to be repaired and what the life expectancy is of your equipment so you can plan on when it may be time to replace instead of repair. The ability to easily capture and access repair transaction history on any piece of equipment can allow you to determine if an asset is still worth its value. The convenience of recording transactions on the fly can help make for a sustainable daily process that will accurately profile the performance of your assets.


Capital Planning

Capital planning is also easy with Maintenance Care. Forecasting and budgeting for asset replacement can eliminate unnecessary unplanned repair expenditures as well as reduce possible downtime for those key pieces of equipment within your facility. A yearly review of assets to determine which need to be replaced will greatly improve your overall spending budget as years go on.


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Asset Management Solutions software from Maintenance Care does all of this and more. Contact us so you can see exactly what we can do for you. 


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