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September 21, 2015
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Recently, the Indiana Attorney General's Office sued a maintenance director for accepting kickbacks, theft, and bribery. What does this have to do with you?


While you may be the most honest person there is, others within your maintenance department may not be. If it comes down to proving where your assets are and how the budget is being spent, Asset Management Software ensures that you can pull up reports at any time.

The maintenance director in question made excessive purchases which were billed to the school facility and kept the extra funds. In exchange, CMS and its owner, Brian K. Stowers, paid kickbacks to Schroeder for arranging the excessive purchases. 

What Asset Management Software from Maintenance Care does, is it allows you to track your large purchases and enter details that are important such as: 



Keep up with where your assets are located such as; floor and room number, specific building location or even its location via  bin number, warehouse, or shelving unit.


Make, Model, and Year

With large equipment and tools, you can enter the make, model, year, serial number, or anything imperative to describing and finding your item.



Since you can utilize the notes section, you can add anything important about your asset such as the date bought, what the item is used for, etc.


How Can It Help?

How will Asset Tracking Software help you? Let's say for example that you have made a large purchase for cleaning chemicals such as in the linked story. There are times when you may have to prove a purchase whether it is for cleaning chemicals or a large piece of equipment.


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The example shared is extreme but it does show the importance of keeping up with your assets and purchases and being able to prove them if need be. If someone in your facility is less than honest, your reports will enable you to find out faster and be able to track things more efficiently. While in this case the dishonest person happened to be the maintenance department manager, this system makes it easier to do your job and the rest of Maintenance Care's facility software allows you to do your entire job easier.


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