How Facility Managers Can Make Mobile Technology Productive

February 17, 2014
2 min

Today we are living in a world where more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. While this statistic may seem shocking to some, by looking at the ways mobile phones are part of our everyday lives, there is no denying their prevalence in our world. From smart phones, to powerful tablets, and compact laptops; mobile technology seems to know no boundaries, and proves to be more powerful than ever with even more new models and devices hitting the market. 



For managers and employers, there was a time where the popularity of mobile devices was seen as a nuisance in the workplace. While many team leaders once fought to prevent employees from getting distracted by their mobile phones and tablets while at work, there are many facility managers who have found that the presence of mobile devices can actually be quite beneficial.



With the right work order software, mobile technology is actually instrumental to any facility manager’s daily operations. This is because these programs are designed to work together with mobile phones and tablets, and their apps will allow your team to manage their entire day while on the fly. Part of the stress of a facility manager often lies in keeping track of employees as they move around the facility.  Facility managers can keep track of their workers while they are on the fly and make certain everyone is staying connected, even when they aren’t at their desk. As long as they have a mobile device with them, each team member will be able to manager their entire day, without having to be in front of their desktop computer.


Improving Productivity

With a good work order software, the entire team can have access to a mobile app that stores important data on the cloud. This means team members can automatically sync with other devices and that everyone, whether on a mobile phone or desktop computer, can communicate easily without interruption.The entire maintenance team can submit and receive requests while on the go, and they never have to worry about a lack of technology slowing them down. Maintenance tasks are an ever moving target, and busy facility managers know just how hectic it can be when the entire team is on the go. Now everyone can stay connected, receive instant notifications and easily access any information, in a single, convenient location.


These mobile apps offer teams with a central location to access all of their tasks in one spot. Now instead of mobile technology slowing down the productivity of the work day; it can actually speed up the day and drastically increase production.


Technology is a powerful part of our world today. Mobile technology shouldn’t be used to slow down production, it should be used to ramp up your daily efficiency and to keep everyone working harder and faster than they ever have before. With the right software, managers can know exactly what their team is doing and everyone on the team can stay on the same page, right from the mobile devices they already use every day. 

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