Boost Health and Safety and Stay Compliant with a Visitor Management System

October 8, 2021
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Many of us had hopes and dreams about the pandemic coming to its end a couple of months ago. Everything seemed optimistic and promising: vaccination becoming widely available, low rates of new cases, businesses opening up. But it all was crashed by another wave of the virus hitting Canada and the US in September. And although the priorities shifted more than a year ago, putting health and safety in the first place, today, we must take extra actions and precautions to ensure that people are safe in their workplaces and areas for common use. As a facility manager, you have to take on this responsibility and try out new tools and strategies. One of such tools is Visitor Management and Staff Sign In Software.   

Unburden the Front Desk with Digital Logbook  

Whether you’re part of the team running an education, senior care, or hospitality facility, your place is a hive of activity. There’s always a flow of people coming in and out to perform various tasks or just for a visit. Usually, the first point of contact for all of them is the receptionist who organizes the visitors and contacts relevant team members to guide a contractor, for example. When the need to fill out screening questionnaires and other health and safety forms is added, wait times get longer, resulting in possible delays for everyone. Besides, it’s also essential to store all the documentation properly, which is a demanding task given the number of people who fill out all the papers.   

Learn more about the features of OneAccess, Visitor Management Software Solution by the Maintenance Care Team. 

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An effective solution allowing you to take the stress out of the front desk equation is a visitor management system. It’ll help you manage the flow of staff, contractors, and visitors, make this flow transparent and traceable, and reduce wait times which is especially important when the cold season is upon us.   

Paperless Visitor Management  

This didn’t use to be a serious problem before the pandemic, but now, with boxes of paperwork and piles of papers filled-out logs all over your office that you have to store for compliance purposes, you know what a nuisance it is to have paper-based check-in procedures in place. Switching to a visitor management software solution will not only give you more flexibility and control but also make your facility greener, enhancing data security–another big issue in 2021–at the same time.   


What’s more, picture this: it’s October already, and you find out that one of the visitors coming in at the end of September got the virus. According to health and safety protocols, you have to look them up and find out who they might have been in contact with. If your papers are stored and organized properly, this task will take you several minutes, while with the visitor management system – only a couple of clicks.  

OneAccess is a powerful Visitor Management System allowing you to have unlimited users, track unlimited visitors and entry logs, and speed up staff sign in and sign out. It will streamline multiple processes in your facility management, including improved health and safety. More than that, it’ll provide you with the control and flexibility each facility manager requires to keep the building running.

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