Fixed Asset Management: Disposable Air Filters vs Washable Air Filters

July 31, 2014
1 min

When it comes to saving money and time, if you're trying to determine the best way to manage your equipment, washable air filters may work for you.


There are many types of air filters that are used in HVAC systems but the two components being addressed today are disposable air filters vs traditional air filters.

Traditional Air Filters

Traditional air filters are available in a variety of styles such as spun fiberglass, pleated, and even electrostatic air filters. All of these varieties are disposable and may be less expensive to buy at first. However, for long-term savings, a washable air filter can be more cost efficient and save time as well.

Washable Air Filters

A washable air filter is easy to maintain – simply wash it on a regular basis. This works by removing the air filter and rinsing it out with a garden hose. Once dry, it can be put back in. This should be done about every three months and the air filter should last around five years or so. How it works is that the filter is electrostatically charged meaning they generate static electricity as the air flows throughout. These filters filter out almost 95% of the allergens that are in the air.

While the washable or what is known as “permanent” air filters are more expensive to buy, they obviously last longer and don't have to be changed often. This saves trips to the store (unless you order in bulk and have them on hand) and saves money in the long run because once you buy one, you won't have to order another for five years or so. It also helps the environment because you're not filling up the landfill with disposable air filters on a constant basis.

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When To Rinse

While it may take a few minutes longer to wash the air filter, it can be done at any time and even can be rinsed before it becomes too dirty whereas a traditional air filter is typically used until it is time to replace it.

Scheduling the cleaning of the permanent air filters in your building is necessary for effective Fixed Asset Management. Since you can schedule all of your preventative maintenance with ease, you simply schedule the cleanings when it is convenient for your staff and guests and then never have to worry that it's getting done. The Maintenance Facility Software makes everything easier to handle and work orders are easier to keep up with.



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