Equipment Maintenance Software: Record Keeping Made Easy

November 11, 2014
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While it may not be your favorite part of the job, equipment record keeping is important when it comes to running a maintenance facility. As you know, this is due to a number of reasons such as having receipts and records for theft situations, having warranty data up to date and easily found, and knowing which equipment needs or has had repairs done and may need to be replaced.



Receipts can be one of the most easily misplaced pieces of paperwork in your facility. Part of the problem is that every different place of business or company will have a different size and look of their receipt. Some have small receipts that fade over time and some will have large invoices that are hard to file. With Equipment Maintenance Software, every bit of information on the equipment can be logged like date of purchase, serial number, make, model, and more. This helps finding those receipts much easier if you have misplaced one because you have the ability to look up information about the item.



Warranty data is integral to making sure you get all of the benefits out of a piece of new equipment. Warranty data can be uploaded into the system so that you always have a copy handy when you need it whether it's for a claim or when making the decision whether to replace or repair something.



Records of equipment repairs or maintenance is also an important part of your facility. This allows you to refer back to when repairs were made and when preventative or necessary maintenance is needed on your equipment. By having a record of each time this equipment was worked on in any capacity, you can have knowledge of that equipment's functionality and know when it may be time to replace it or even have data of what your employee's time is being spent on.


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Of course, having all of this information handy is helpful if your facility is involved in a theft. You'll have exact figures of all of your equipment from the date is was bought new to its worth at the date is became missing. This is information that will help the authorities if needed and will aid in making insurance claims.


No matter what you use it for, having records of your equipment is simply a smart way of doing business at any maintenance facility.

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