Maintenance Work Order Software: Come Hell or High Water

October 9, 2013
1 min

The past few months have been tough for property owners in areas like Colorado. First wildfires devastated hundreds of homes and businesses, and then floods swept through parts of the state a few weeks later. Watching all those images on television naturally had us thinking about the people responsible for all the buildings in those areas. Managing maintenance orders is difficult enough with only the day-to-day issues to take care of; it’s a lot more difficult when hellish wildfires and flooding waters invade your area.


While we hope that these weather extremes never happen to any of our customers, we do think that being prepared is the best response to events like this. With maintenance work order software, you will be well-prepared to coordinate your maintenance crew for any disaster. Here are a few other, perhaps less likely, weather scenarios that come to mind, where the ability to quickly, and sometimes remotely, add and assign items to your maintenance staff can make a big difference.

  • High water: a thunderstorm takes out the electricity in your restaurant the night before your annual ice carving contest. You come in to find 3 inches of water throughout your dining area and kitchen, courtesy all that melted ice.
  • Hell: The local Hell’s Angels annual “fundraising with fire” gets whipped out of control by spring winds…and unfortunately does damage to your wood-sided building and landscaping.
  • Hail: You want all the golf balls you can buy for your newly-renovated 18-hole course, but the damage from golf ball sized hail is another matter entirely!
  • Blizzard: Snow is great—it brings in the customers to your ski lodge. But when an unexpected blizzard whips through town and an adventurous skier mistakes your plate glass window for a door, you’ll need your maintenance staff on hand ASAP to keep out the rest of the blizzard.

So no matter what the weather lobs at you, you can keep the work orders flowing with the help of our software.



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