Fixed Asset Software: Integration of Asset Tracking Systems

August 13, 2013
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Efficiency lies in communication and this is especially important between the accounting office personnel and facility operations departments tracking the assets on the balance sheet as well as in day-to-day use. Knowing the assets in possession, the current operating condition, the life expectancy and the capital assets replacement budget keeps operating equipment in shape up to the day it becomes obsolete. This double prong tracking will also show a savings on purchases and higher profits for the company.

Asset TrackingFixed Asset Software Benefits 

Integration of activities between two departments has its benefits and the biggest one is adherence to the confines of the capital account asset replacement budget. When the accounting department is able to plan for maintenance or replacement of large operational pieces of equipment on a predefined schedule, balancing the budget also helps to solidify the integrity of having a budget at all. The wall calendar is okay, but software accessible to all departments is much better.

Software can pinpoint the activities employees need to perform on a daily basis, what systems or equipment are the focus of each day and eliminates unnecessary down time for personnel. Steady maintenance preserves operational systems and can often extend the useful life of vital pieces of equipment. Plus, advance assignments for the day help to keep an optimal level of performance in the workplace.

An App for Work Requests

iMCare App lets your task assignments travel with the appropriate worker so they each have a task list with them all day. Workers are better able to manage the workload, receive messages and find information about assets on any mobile unit you choose. All asset information is conveniently in one location with critical notations about each one including: make, model, part numbers and serial number(s).

The software is amazing and allows the planning of the entire daily workload for all workers. It can improve the efficiency of running a building by eliminating down time when scheduling tasks. If non-productive time occurs, system flexibility allows for changes in the schedule.

Compliance Is Job One

Various facilities fall within the law and the structure and equipment maintenance are subject to certain statutes dictating maintenance. These statutes ensure health and safety protection for everyone using the premises. Certain reports must generate on a timetable for inspectors emanating from government offices who check the condition of the structure, facility use and safety factors.

Those “compliance” factors as well as upkeep, preventive services and any special attention to conditions affecting smooth operation will appear in reports that our software generates on-demand and ahead of schedule. Even the level of detail to reveal is under your own control and efficient use of schedules can prevent surprises from surfacing. The size of a facility does not matter, contact us to find out more about fixed asset tracking and integration of tracking software for capital budget planning.


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