Asset Tracking Software Makes Keeping Up With Power Tools Easier

March 21, 2016
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Sometimes keeping up with who has what, is a real headache – especially when it comes to smaller tool such as power tools or even a simple hammer. While some maintenance departments have their employees own their own tools, there are always or almost always tools that everyone uses that belongs to the employer.


Keeping up with these tools is one of the most frustrating parts of running a maintenance department. Not only does a loss of inventory equal a loss in profits but it also means a real struggle to keep the departments inventory up to date.


Added Expense

Losses also sometimes mean more than someone simply misplacing something or putting it in the wrong spot on a shelf. Theft is a major concern when it comes to tools that are worth something and this creates an huge added expense to replace items. If this is a pain for those running one facility, imagine you're the maintenance manager for more than one location that uses the same tool database. This makes the struggle multiply significantly.


Track Your Valuables

There are a few ways that you can track your tools that doesn't involve simply hoping that the tool is there when the next person needs it.  

  • Some facilities use a check-out system similar to a library. This may involve using a ledger or board to keep up with but it's not the most time-saving way when you have a large facility or more than one facility.
  • Another way is with a computer. A simple log of who took what can suffice or you can have something set up that is more complex.

With asset tracking software from Maintenance Care, you effectively keep up with your larger equipment and more costly tools. You can enter the data you need such as the make, model, year bought, year of item, and can even keep up with the repair history and life expectancy.


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While you may not use this to track a plunger or a power drill, when paired with an effective way of keeping up with the smaller tools as well, you'll have a maintenance department that is organized, so you will know where everything is at all times – which makes your life easier and cheaper.

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