Asset Tracking Software Helps To Predict Breakdowns

August 25, 2014
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In the past, plant managers had to rely on what might happen instead of being able to somewhat predict when machinery might fail. With downtime being inevitable when machinery breaks, it is better to take a more proactive approach and this is where Asset Tracking Software comes in.



Asset History

For instance, with asset tracking software plant managers are able to quickly access information about their machinery. From when it was purchased to how many repairs it has had, this information allows facility managers to not only predict when it might be time to replace a piece of machinery but to determine the cost of repairs versus a new machine. This is perfect for being able to show investors the savings in getting a new machine rather than continuing to repair a piece that is on its last leg. The software even has a feature that predicts the life expectancy of a machine that will help determine its cost effectiveness.


Parts & Supplies

Another advantage with Maintenance Facility Software is by knowing what parts need to be kept on hand, which reduces downtime. For instance, if you know that a certain piece of equipment needs to be maintained on a regular basis you can predict better what parts are needed. This is where the preventative maintenance area of the software is helpful as well. By setting up preventative maintenance, you'll already know what parts or supplies are needed, which is helpful when placing orders or restocking these items.


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Smart Sensors

Last but certainly not least, with the utilization of easy to use sensors, you can keep up with important information on certain equipment. Whether it's surface temperature, submersible temperature, ambient room humidity, or a number of other uses, you get immediate data on your equipment instead of having to have someone test it out for this information. That saves your plant time, money, and makes your facility run more efficiently.


No matter what kind of facility you run, down time is inevitable but with Maintenance Facility Software from Maintenance Care, you will be able to predict equipment failure better and run things easier than before.


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