Asset Management Software When Good Maintenance Practice Isn't Enough

August 31, 2015
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In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania there is a public pool that may have to be shut down due to the rising cost of maintaining it. The problem is that while it has had excellent maintenance, the pool is a huge expense, so a consultant has been hired to see if it is cost effective to keep it maintained and functional.


In this particular case, while it has been well-kept on a regular basis, there is more to it than that. According to Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill,


“The pool has experienced mechanical issues every year, such as problems with drains, pumps and filters.
It is one of the largest municipal pools in central Pennsylvania, in terms of gallons, according to our pool maintenance folks. The useful life of the systems is coming to an end despite excellent maintenance."


Lacking Maintenance

Many articles tell of how preventative maintenance wasn't kept up with or that the care of a particular property was lacking. In this case however, the maintenance is not the issue, but more of how old the equipment and parts are and that due to the natural aging process, it is becoming too expensive to keep this pool open or at least, that is the worst case scenario.


Losses Too Great

Having Asset Management Software allows you to see if some of your losses can be recouped and to gauge what you do have that can be salvaged in a case such as this. That is of course, if there is a situation where you have to cut your losses.


Manage Assets 

Even in cases where the situation can be salvaged and stay operational, an asset manager helps you keep up with everything you have and allows you to do things like access warranty information, access data on when something was purchased, and even the make, model, and style of an item.


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Hopefully the Pennsylvania pool is able to remain open since so many people in the community really love it. No matter what happens, an asset manager is an excellent tool to help forsee and plan the future of your assets.


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