Asset Management Software: What To Do After Equipment is Stolen

June 5, 2015
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No one seems safe from thieves and a Fire Department in LaGrange, Georgia recently found that out when the fire department's facility was broken into. Thieves took a hydraulic pump generator, a fire extinguisher, and a metal pry bar. 


The value was over $1000 with these items but at your facility, it could be much worse, especially if you use a variety of large equipment in your daily operations.  If the worst does happen at your facility, here are a few things to know about what you should do after equipment is stolen:


Call the Authorities

Yes, this is common knowledge but you should always do this as soon as you know that the theft has happened – for safety reasons as well as a quick response. The authorities will let you know if it is okay to be in the building to take inventory of what is missing or tell you what not to touch, if anything.


Gather Data

By having am Asset Management Software, you already have all of your assets listed, which is very helpful in determining what you have missing and what the loss is monetarily. If you do not have a software program that helps you with this, make an inventory of what you find that is missing so you can use it to give to the authorities, for insurance claims, and give to your superiors, if applicable.


Notify Insurance Providers

Let your insurance providers know as soon as possible that you have had a break-in and will be filing a claim. They can walk you through anything that is needed to be sure the claim is filed correctly and the sooner you do this, the sooner you can recoup some of your losses.


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Thieves can strike anywhere and you can try to protect your assets with having security measures in place but if the worst does happen, at least you are more organized with an Asset Management System and can gather up the data you need as fast as possible.


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