Asset Management Software is Integral When You Supply the Tools

May 18, 2015
1 min

Recently, an aircraft engineering company in the United Kingdom, decided to start supplying the tools needed for their workers. Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL) made the decision to implement a control system that replaces the personal tools of the engineers who work there, with tools through the company. 


The reason for doing this is because it can take years of experience to build up the proper tools for the work needed and newer employees and students were unable to supply these tools, which are expensive. 



You may not run an aircraft engineering company, but running any type of facility means that you have to have a way of keeping up with your assets. Obviously, this is more of a unique situation where this company is also paired with a tool company but not everyone has the ability to do this; supplying and keeping up with their own tools and assets.



Cataloging your inventory and keeping up with where everything is, is only one part of asset management. You also need a way of knowing more about your assets such as being able to predict the lifetime of the equipment, keep up with warranty information, be able to reference repairs, and basically, have a way of knowing every detail of your investment.



The other great thing about asset tracking is that it is mobile. You don't have to be in your office and at your desk in order to access your equipment because the software allows you to view it wherever you have web access. Best of all, since it is entirely web-based, you don't have to worry about software not working right, installation that isn't easy to take with you, or losing your work since everything is backed up multiple times a day on our hosted servers.


Asset Management Software from Maintenance Care has asset management and more. Not only can you fully catalog your equipment, you can do so much more. Scheduling work orders, keeping up with preventative maintenance, and more, is right at your fingertips with an application that makes your work as a maintenance facility manager – easier and with less stress. 


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So even if you don't supply the tools for your employees like the aviation company in Europe, that doesn't mean that you don't have other equipment at your facility that needs to be managed; and that is where Maintenance Care can help.



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