Asset Management Software: Equipment vs. Vehicle Maintenance

November 26, 2014
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If you own a vehicle then you probably have a set maintenance schedule. You have the oil changed on a regular basis, the air filter changed, the tires rotated, and the transmission fluid changed. Along with all of that you also have to keep up with the appearance and you most likely have a place in your glove compartment where you keep your paperwork or at least a filing cabinet in your home. 




Like your car or truck, maintenance is important to keep equipment running properly and to help keep down repair costs. With equipment maintenance at your maintenance facility, there is typically much more paperwork to keep up with and there should be a more simple solution. 

With Asset Management Software, you have all of your equipment maintenance in one easy location. The right too allows you to do a number of things and in more detail because of the ability to view and run complete assets lists.


Life Expectancy 

For instance, you can input the type of equipment you have, the date it was purchased, warranty information, the model, make, and extra date integral to your business. That's not all, you can also keep up with the life expectancy of the equipment by entering the number of times it has been repaired or maintained. This allows you to make a decision on replacement costs vs repairs and can even help you decide on outsourcing your repairs or doing them in-house as well as knowing where the warranty information is kept.


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This is also any easy way to schedule your equipment maintenance because you can set up work orders and preventative maintenance easily and efficiently. Your employees get the notification instantly and everything is kept up with so you can access your data.


Service History

When something goes wrong with your vehicle, you may refer to the last time a particular service was performed on it and you can do the same with the equipment at your maintenance facility by using the Maintenance Facility Software. In fact, it may even make things easier than maintaining a car or truck because we don't always know what is wrong with our vehicle but we can better predict what may go wrong with our equipment by having everything you need to know about it, in one easy to use place.


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