Asset Management Done the Smart Way

September 6, 2017
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Assets are usually the most costly and important items in your department – right after your employees, of course. With proper asset management, it can feel like it's raining money, because maintaining and fixing is always cheaper than urgently buying new items. Here is how CMMS can help you track all your assets: tools, equipments, supplies etc.


Asset Tracking

Being able to track your assets is imperative not only on a daily basis to check what happened when, but also when equipment is moved from place to place. This reduces downtime and allows you to keep up with where things are at any given time. It also gives you the control you need to keep everything working.


History of Your Assets

It’s impossible to rely on everyone remembering the asset’s history. Moreover, employees come and go, so crucial information is sometimes lost. A CMMS is an important tool to store all maintenance related data in one place. The CMMS database becomes an indispensable central repository for all maintenance related information for your organization. Technicians can quickly access asset records, old work orders, previous repair information or replacement part histories to assist with troubleshooting any issue at hand. The issue may have surfaced before, so eliminating troubleshooting steps that didn’t work in the past may speed up the repair process.

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Preventative Maintenance

Performing preventative maintenance on your assets is integral to their condition and longevity. You have to be proactive and plan ahead when it comes to your assets’ maintenance schedule. CMMS helps the maintenance department make the shift from reactive maintenance to planned preventative maintenance by preforming checks on a predefined schedule.  Planned maintenance also gives technicians time to prepare the right tools and parts for the job, so your team shifts from reactive to preventive.


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