5 Top Reasons To Get Asset Tracking Software

April 9, 2014
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When running any type of facility, inventory can get out of control. Equipment, parts, and items get misplaced at times or can not show up on paperwork when it's time to send out a bill or make a report ready for accounting. With Asset Tracking Software, your control is seamless because everything is right at your fingertips and you can perform a variety of functions that makes life at work much easier.



1) Access Equipment Profile

For instance, you use Asset Tracking to keep records handy of all of your equipment and items needed, no matter how small. Keep up with the make, model, date bought, serial numbers, and more on large work equipment such as a lawnmower for a condominium maintenance department or something as small as a box of light bulbs that are needed at a hospital or apartment complex.

2) Maintain Life Expextancy

You can do so much with this part of the facility maintenance software that is more than just keeping up with the inventory. With the Life Expectancy details you can enter information such as date purchased, warranty expiration, value, and more, which allows you to have a good grasp on when new equipment may be needed which leads to the Capital Planning area.

3) Capital Planning

Capital Planning is the place where you can forecast and budget your expenses on purchases. By entering the purchase date, life expectancy, value expectancy, threshold percentage, usage percentage and total cost, you can plan for what it will cost and when it may be that you will need a replacement. This reduces downtime as well as eliminates repair expenditures that you may not need while saving your company money.

4) Repair History

The Repair History area lets you keep up with every time a repair has been performed on a piece of equipment. This allows you to decide if the particular piece is worth keeping and how much has been spent on its upkeep. This useful component also allows you to maintain a good grasp of the value of a piece of equipment.

5) Save Time and Money

With all of these features combined, you can not only save time and resources but you can track your expenses, keep up with important expenditures, and not worry about losing important paperwork that has warranty expiration dates or bills that were paid. And keep in mind that this is just one feature of facility maintenance software with Maintenance Care. There is so much that you can use that you'll wonder how you did business before.


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