5 Benefits of Work Order Tracking on Mobile Devices

August 5, 2014
2 min

When it comes to running a maintenance facility, there are a lot of responsibilities that can be made easier by a few simple changes. One of these changes is in how you take care of work orders, among other tasks, and how it can be simplified with using a mobile device app for your work order tracking.


The mobile app allows you to remotely handle all of your work order tasks and it is a remote way of your employees handling their work orders as well. Here are a few benefits of  Facility Maintenance Software on mobile devices.

1. On the Fly Maintenance

With the mobile app that is a part of your Facility Maintena ce Software, you don't have to remain at your desk or tied down to remaining in your office in order to send out work orders. The work order is communicated through the app and goes straight to the employee you want to carry out the task. The employee doesn't have to come to the office for their work order and you have more freedom as the manager to do what you need to do, even if it is away from the office.


2. Better Communication

With work orders submitted over the phone in the traditional way, there is always a chance of miscommunication. Whether it's a noisy background or a bad connection, you don't have to worry that your employee didn't hear the correct information. Everything is on the work order in the app so they can see it clearly.


3. More In-Depth Work Orders

Sometimes when you're in a hurry you may not be as thorough as you need to be but with the mobile application you don't have to write everything down or forget to add important information about the work order.


4. Less Paperwork

Most people hate paperwork but with the mobile app, the work orders are in the system so you don't have to worry about making copies or keeping up with a hard copy of a task.


5. No More Lost Paperwork

Lost paperwork can cause a lot of problems in your day to day operations. With a mobile app, the work orders remain in the system so that they can be accessed at any time. This allows you to look at who completed it, when it was done, what was done, and any other pertinent information you need.


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The mobile app is just part of what Maintenance Facility Software can do for you. You have more freedom to focus on other tasks and everything is kept in the system for you to view at any time. You get the ability to create work orders, keep up with preventative maintenance, make reports, keep up with assets, and more.

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