How to Get More Maintenance Done — Faster and Better — with Service Order Software

August 13, 2019
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Drowning in a heap of paperwork or Excel spreadsheets? Is all that administration work affecting your ability to actually get maintenance done? Looking for a more efficient approach to your maintenance department?

two men keeping track of maintenance with service order software

Service order software is a custom-built solution to address these needs.

What Is Service Order Software?

Traditionally, maintenance departments relied on thick binders and paper service orders to manage their work. As computers became more commonplace, many maintenance managers turned to an obvious tool for more help: Excel.

And while these options can certainly work — they had to! — with the advent of internet-connected devices and the explosion in app development, maintenance departments have unprecedented power in the form of service order software — also called Computerized Maintenance Management Software.

These apps are built just for use by maintenance and service departments. Basically, until now you’ve had to hammer in your screws and hope for the best — while service order software is a drill.

How CMMS Manages Your Service Orders

While CMMS can do much more than just manage service orders and work orders, this is one of the core features that maintenance managers are typically looking for.

With a cloud-connected platform and mobile devices — smartphones or tablets — your maintenance workers can be automatically notified of what they need to do, when, where, and any other notes you need them to have.

Rather than manually drawing up lists of service orders each day, you simply date when each service order is due and when the work should start. You can specify pretty much anything you need to — you can even have your service orders connected with a database of your assets, so you always know exactly what’s been done.

Will Service Order Software Work For You?

In short: yes. CMMS or Service Order Software is designed for any facility. Whether you’re a hotel, a golf course, or a manufacturing plant, the principle of using the technology you probably already have — phones, tablets, and traditional computers — will apply.

With the efficient running of your maintenance department on the line, of course, you may be wondering what the transition process is like. After all, you don’t want any expensive mistakes hampering a smooth rollout.

But getting onboard with service order software couldn’t be easier when you’re able to take free trials. Sign up and start delivering a certain portion of your maintenance service order tasks through the service order software if you’re uncertain. As you find it working for you, expand out — or consider fully transitioning to a robust, comprehensive premium version.

Try Maintenance Care

We think you’ll like our service order software: Maintenance Care. We built it with one goal: make work easier for maintenance managers. Let you get more done in a day, better, with fewer incidents.

You can check out our free version right here. Or if you’d like to really learn about how CMMS can help you out, read our guide, or reach out for a demo.

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