Why Use Work Order Management Software?

October 9, 2014
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You already know how important work orders are to your Facility management but why use Work Order Management Software?



In the past, most facility managers either used a form of written work orders or sometimes an Excel spreadsheet or other type of spreadsheet. There are problems with both types of work orders. With written forms, paperwork is easily lost and messy and with spreadsheets, data has to be entered manually and can be full of mistakes due to human error which can cause problems with tasks that have to be completed.


Why Use Software

The problem is that many facilities still use these methods and that simply creates more work for them in the long run. With Work Order Management Software, there are a lot of aspects that makes life easier as a facility manager. For instance, you can plan ahead and schedule preventative maintenance, plan your staff schedule according to busier times or when production is heaver, and for those with production facilities, you will always know what kind of inventory to keep on hand because forecasting your needs and demands is easier than ever. In fact, you can even track your inventory, which only adds to the Maintenance Facility Software's ability to help you do your job efficiently.


This helps you prevent delays in production or delays in getting a job complete due to paperwork missing what is needed to do the job, missing parts that were not listed, or being understaffed or even overstaffed, which causes less profit.



With Work Order Management Software, you enter everything and it's automated so that your employees get updates immediately through the Smartphone app. The best thing perhaps is the fact that you can do work orders on the go. By using the cross platform mobile app, you can be at home, lunch, vacation, or anywhere and schedule a work order which is immediately generated. This allows you more freedom away from your desk which is important when you have so much to do as a Maintenance Facilities Manager.


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While the old way of doing things is good in some cases, that is not the case when it comes to running a Maintenance Facility. The use of technology allows you much more ability to have things done correctly, efficiently, faster, and you don't have to be tied to your desk.


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