Use CMMS To Communicate The Why To Customers and Employees

August 26, 2015
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Not every maintenance manager deals with customers but for those that do, it is important to use the proper communication. Using layman's terms when giving instructions will help the customer understand why or how something works.


As far as your employees, this is just as important, if not more. Here are a few examples in the importance of proper communication.


Maintenance Manager

A resident is having work done in their apartment that requires them to be out while the works is being done and once they return, they must pay attention to a specific thing. It doesn't matter what that particular thing is but the important thing is that they know why they must do it or understand fully what needs to be done. If the thermostat has to be set at a certain temperature after it is fixed, they need to know why or they may not feel it is important. If the dishwasher has to be run on empty for the first cycle, explain to them why this is important so that it will be done. Without knowing why, many people don't understand the importance of something and that can lead to more work down the line.


Maintenance Worker

For your employees, it is just as important to let them know why something has to be done a certain way. It's human nature to sometimes feel as if you know what is best and this is especially true when you're not told why something is done a specific way. By explaining to your employees the “why” part of the work, you'll be more successful at it being done the way you want.


Clear Communication

Proper communication is important in any sector of business and it's the “why” that sometimes makes a huge difference in how people perceive their work or what they're told to do. Without knowing the reason for doing something a certain way, many don't understand its value.


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One way that a CMMS program can help is that there is a place to make notes and in those notes you can state for the employee to tell the customer what needs to be done. And you can use the same note area to put in specifics on a job task so that your employees will see it and adhere to it.


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