Too Busy For Facility Management Software

March 27, 2014
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With summer fast approaching, for many hotels, condominiums, motels and other hospitality establishments this means a busy season with a lot of work that has to be done. Whether it's getting much of the preventative maintenance out of the way before it becomes too busy to do it or taking care of service calls once the guests start coming in, there has to be a better way of doing things.


With maintenance facility software you can be sure that your team gets notified and there's no confusion on what has to be done, what is coming up, and who is on each specific task.


Making it Easier

How it works is that everything is generated through the software and this includes work orders, preventative scheduling, assets, reports, and more. What this means is that everything is centralized and that makes things easier to keep up with.


Some of the benefits you'll get with maintenance facility software include:

1) Convenience 

For one thing, it's convenient because everything can be done fast and efficiently. Maintenance employees can get their work orders no matter where they are at with the iMCare App. This app allows them to take their tasks with them and get new ones without having to report to a home base. This saves time and paperwork as well as allowing your employees to be more self-sufficient.


2) Speed

Since everything is done electronically, you don't have to worry about lost paperwork or having to write up a task. Your employees will have their jobs as fast as you can send it to them and they no longer have to report to the maintenance office first. Since everything will be done faster, you can rest assured that more work will be completed as well and this leaves time left over for your preventative maintenance tasks or emergency tasks.

3) Increased ROI

By being able to run things more efficiently, you'll save time and money which leads to a return on investment increase. One of the biggest time wasters is having to relay information back and forth. Add to that the time it takes to write up work orders and a big portion of each day is spent on tedious tasks. By having everything electronically sent, there's more time to focus on other tasks that need your attention and more work gets done.



Enhanced Process

Facility management software is like having your own office in one easy to use location. You'll be able to generate your reports, keep up with tasks at hand, and send your maintenance workers out on new tasks without having to keep up with who is doing what, which can lead to maintenance calls being missed or lost.

If you have a hospitality business and run the maintenance shop then there's no better time than now to invest in maintenance facility software. It will be summer before you know it so why not use an easier way of doing things?


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