The Benefits of Using CMMS to Manage Work Orders You Can’t Live Without

June 7, 2019
2 min

Computerized Maintenance Management Software is constantly being updated. If you haven’t audited the efficiency of your maintenance management processes in some time, you may be missing out on some great updates that have become industry-standard.

Let’s talk about just one area where CMMS helps out: improving word order management.

Reduce Maintenance Paperwork

What Does a New Work Order Request Look Like?

Hopefully, you’re at least past the stage of using carbon copy paper to initiate your work orders. But what does a request look like?

You probably want your requests categorized in various ways. There will be the type of task itself — a lighting issue, an HVAC issue, etc. — where it is, and details. But do you also allow file uploads? A photo may help you understand the extent of an issue much better than words, for example.

Above all, in order to work, this process has to be more attractive to use than, say, someone catching your maintenance staff in the hallway and verbally telling them something needs doing. Make it easy and valuable, and you’re already halfway there to a better work order management system!

Are You Using a Web-Based Work Order Management Process?

You should be. First of all, because part of a good request system is going to be a simple, browser-based interface.

Second, because doing it this way means you’re better connected with your workers. The information isn’t going into some spreadsheet or getting lost on pieces of paper, it’s all going directly into your one-stop-shop for all things maintenance-related.

Again, you’re categorizing your tasks, know their status, know when you expect them to be done by, and can add any additional information you need. Your workers are getting notified immediately, and you can quickly check histories to gain valuable context around the issue you’re investigating.

Do You Have a Birds-Eye View of All Your Pending Tasks?

If you wanted to get a quick idea of everything that’s on the go, would you rather flip through three-ring binders bursting with paper, or just have an app show you everything?

Better yet, does your process allow you to filter tasks by date, so you know what’s at risk of falling behind? Can you check by building or by room to improve the efficiency of performing the tasks — minimizing time spent getting from one place to another?

Can you instantly track the status of your tasks? See which have been completed on time, or where your workers have indicated there’s something else going on?

And are you able to have ongoing communication about your work order issues when needed? Some systems allow you to have conversation attached to the task itself so that you’re always on the same page about what’s going on. That can be the difference between dragging something out for a week and solving it today.

Maintenance Care Does All This

Work order management is a core part of what Maintenance Care does. As a fully-functioned CMMS, we know how vital good work order management is and how central it is to effective maintenance.

We have a free version you can try out right away — but we’ve packed the full version so full of awesome features we highly recommend you start with a free demo. Our seasoned consultants have seen our product successfully deployed in everything from senior care facilities to golf courses and hotels — and they’ll be able to personally guide you through how it can make a difference in your facility.

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