The ABC’s of CMMS Work Order Implementation

April 9, 2018
1 min

According to recent statistics, almost 50% of a business’ operational budget is taken up by maintenance. Here are four ways to make sure your team is on-board with using the Computerized Maintenance Management Software and how it fits in with taking care of work orders.




You are able to see when work orders have been submitted. Tracking the submission of work requests and how they become work orders, can be an encouraging way to make sure that all work orders are created through your maintenance management solution. If work has been completed without the initial work request being submitted, follow it back to the source to understand why adherence to the maintenance policy is not being adopted.


Setting a Timeline

Setting a timeline shows employees that there is a specific time that work orders need to be completed and this helps with having clear expectations, a specific process in place, and your workers know what is expected of them. It allows you to then track their performance on a particular job and follow the timeline to completion.


Importance of Work Orders

Ensure that all work is requested, assigned, and tracked through the new system and give it priority. By showcasing the importance of the CMMS program, you are placing it in a new light – one that expresses the value of it and how it helps make things easier in the workplace.

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While many people hate change, implementing CMMS into your facility is easier when you show how much it helps them. Sure, there may be a few hiccups in learning the system for some of your staff but if you stress the importance without making it sound like annoyance but instead, something that will make their lives easier – you will find that you have employees who look forward to a new way of doing things.

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