Setting Goals Will Improve Your Preventative Maintenance

July 4, 2016
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When it comes to setting goals, everyone has them, but not everyone knows the magic formula of making sure that they have a better chance of being met. Here are five things to know about your goals as a maintenance department manager.


Know Your Goals

Knowing your goals may sound ridiculous – of course you know your goals, right? Not necessarily. If you are reacting to performance issues then that is not a goal you are setting, it is simply a reaction. For instance, if you are having problems with Preventative Maintenance getting done by employees and your goal is that it actually gets done, that is still a reaction. A goal must be a set finish to a problem, not just a reaction to the problem that gets you thinking.


Defining the Goals

Knowing your goals leads to defining them and vice versa. Defining goals gives them meaning and make them more attainable. For instance, a goal in the past might have been to perform more Preventative Maintenance. But what is more? Instead, have a set number such as the goal being to have preventative maintenance done each week or to reduce downtime by 25% instead of simply saying you want to reduce downtime. Put a number on it. And speaking of preventative maintenance, CMMS from Maintenance Care ensures that PM work orders are never forgotten or allowed to become piled up.


State Your Goals

Articulating your goals is equally important. Remember the numbers that you need to tack on to your goals? Use those in your conversations with employees. Without a clear conversation on what the goals are, you cannot expect employees to engage in helping meet these goals. Instead of saying, “We need to get more done,” state “We need to have 90% of the preventative weekly maintenance done by Friday.” Having a clear and articulate goal in mind lends itself to being a productive part of what your team will participate in.


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These are just a few ways that you can help attain your goals more effectively while running a maintenance department. Try to set these guidelines to see a real difference in how effective it is and we are pretty sure that you will see a major difference. 

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