Provide Extra Support to Your Maintenance Team with Custom-Built CMMS Features: PPE Tracking

June 22, 2021
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The COVID 19 pandemic has given families, workers, and businesses all over the world a hard time. Facility managers around the globe needed to ensure that they had enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safeguard the health and well-being of residents, visitors, and employees. PPE tracking became a necessity to guarantee workplace health and safety as well as to stay compliant with new regulations. So, what does that mean for your facility or organization and how CMMS can help?  

How to Check If You Need PPE Tracking Software  

Before looking into PPE tracking features, you need to assess the scale of this challenge – from facility size to current stock levels to possible future needs. Working with your procurement team, you can get a sense of the PPE status quo at each facility, figure out how to track and manage supplies to be able to replenish the inventory on a regular basis, and forecast additional inventory needs. If it turns out to be an extremely manual, labour-intensive process, you need a straightforward and user-friendly system for inventory management to support all staff members.    


Building a Custom-Made Feature for Your Facility  

With Maintenance Care, the PPE tracking feature implementation plan depends on whether you’ve been using our CMMS or are coming to the game all fresh. Let’s look at what happens if you’re using Maintenance Care already:  

  1. Establishing the requirements for the company overall and for independent facilities   
  2. Identifying the types of PPE that would be in your system   
  3. Deciding on the attributes that must be added to the system   
  4. Configuring the new module   
  5. Testing new system components (no worries, you can’t break them)  
  6. Training the staff and providing support  

maintenance manager working with the inventory

After building the custom-made PPE tracking feature for your company, we provide testing and training to make sure that all your requirements are met. Depending on your tracking needs, you can have a one-screen process and one point of data entry to make it easier for staff members to adopt the system as quickly as possible; additionally, it’s possible to add functions like special fields, etc.  

For many of our clients, it was crucial to introduce a basic yet effective solution to not overburden their clinical and administrative staff. The idea was to take as many stock counting and data entry tasks off their plates as possible. More than that, the PPE tracking feature can help not only with internal inventory tracking but also with external reporting to healthcare authorities: the information entered in the system about quantities and use of PPE can be easily shared between departments and included in required reports.     

How will this feature work after the pandemic?   

When we first developed this feature, the main goal was to give our clients a solution they could adopt quickly and easily. However, we wanted to develop a long-term feature because certainly, during the pandemic, the usage of PPE is exceptionally high, but to support the safety in senior care and other critical environments, you must always be ready for flu seasons and other outbreaks. Our PPE tracking feature is therefore designed to be adaptable to many different scenarios and will serve you beyond COVID-19.   

What custom features does your maintenance team need? Feel free to reach out to us and share your thoughts!

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