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February 22, 2019
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As winter comes to a close, most maintenance departments begin preparing for the spring thaw. This means taking stock of spring-related regular and preventative maintenance tasks as well as preparing seasonal equipment. Depending on the size of your facility and number of staff, this can be a big job. Why not make things easier on yourself and your employees with the help of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)?

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Preventative Maintenance: Preparing Seasonal Equipment

CMMS is a must-have when it comes to equipment maintenance and preventative measures - especially for larger up and coming seasonal projects. And, by implementing your CMMS ahead of time, you can get a head start on setting up preventative maintenance (PM) tasks (maintenance, repairs, replacement etc.) before the weather changes and equipment is needed. 

Preventative Maintenance Features

When it comes to preventative maintenance, not all CMMS softwares are created equal. A good CMMS software should provide you with an array of PM features to help you run your department more efficiently, including:

  • Simple Task Assignment - Assess team member availability and assign tasks quickly and easily. This also allows you to create a schedule of PM tasks, making it simpler to follow the manufacturer guidelines.
  • Easy Preventative Scheduling - Fine-tune your ongoing scheduled tasks and routines to minimize downtime and improve efficiency.
  • Standards for Compliance - Prioritize tasks according to your facility's standards for government or regulatory compliance.
  • Attachable, Fillable Forms - Attach MSDS forms, training manuals, user guidelines, safety documents, photos, videos and more to any PM task. These can be easily accessed by you or your team at any time!

Other Benefits

Not only will these features help you get a running start on your seasonal maintenance, but they'll also help you estimate labor costs and determine when it’s more efficient to add more staff instead of paying current employees overtime.

You'll also be able to schedule maintenance and repairs during the off-season or off-hours by tracking equipment use time. For instance, if your facility has a large mower that stays parked in the cold all winter but is heavily used in the summer, you can schedule seasonal PM tasks based on how much (or little) it's being used. 

Why Maintenance Care?

In addition to the great PM features mentioned above, Maintenance Care offers users a wealth of other properties, guaranteed to help your maintenance department save money, reduce inefficiencies, track and maintain assets and much more:

  • Live Maintenance Lists For Work Orders
  • Capital Planning
  • CMMS Dashboards and Charts
  • Virtual Maintenance
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Cloud Storage
  • Etc.

If you haven't yet experienced Maintenance Care's awesome CMMS software - and all the ways it can help your maintenance department thrive - what are you waiting for?! Book a Demo with us now by clicking the button below or check out our site for more info!



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