Press Release - Dave Hebert, Vice-President of Sales & Support

January 4, 2016
1 min

Maintenance Care, a leader in Facility Management Software, is proud to announce the addition of Dave Hebert as Vice-President of Sales & Support, an exciting addition to our ever growing team.



Focused on Results

President of Maintenance Care, Dan Roberge remarks that “…I’ve known Dave for a while and I knew that his focus on getting results combined with his pleasant demeanor would make him the perfect person to take our company to the next level without jeopardizing our high standard of customer service along the way.” 


Perfect Timing

Dave is joining the Maintenance Care team at an opportune time and he couldn’t be happier.  In the recent past, Dave was part of a team that saw phenomenal company growth where 200 employees became 1000+ employees in just 5 years.  Drawing parallels from this previous experience, Dave sees tremedous opportunity with Maintenance Care.  “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to start with a company the size of Maintenance Care and be part of the growth.” says Dave. “Most of the companies I have worked for in the past were already well into their maturation.”  With Maintenance Care anticipating a huge growth spurt for 2016, Dave sees himself as the perfect candidate to help fuel this growth from the ground up. “I want everyone to know that our team will be different, we aim to be focused, fast, flexible and friendly.”, he adds, "the perfect combination for success."


Game On

Maintenance Care has many new exciting features coming out in 2016.  Combining these features with the new powerhouse team that is being built, this growing company is set to become a true frontrunner.


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