Managing Maintenance Without Missing Anything

June 20, 2019
2 min

Picture this: a maintenance employee is on their way back from completing a task when someone pops out of a room and tells them their air conditioning hasn’t been working.

Nine times out of ten, that report probably makes its way to your recording system and is dealt with.

But that other time? Perhaps it’s the end of the day and your worker’s actually heading home and forgets overnight. Or they’re on their way between two exhausting tasks and though they make a note to report it later on, again, it slips their mind.

Perhaps they write down the issue on a notepad, but the next task has them flip the page a few times, and again, it’s missed.

What can you do to prevent this happening?

Don't forget maintenance tasks

Formalize Your Maintenance Request Process

You want your facility’s occupants to view your maintenance staff as friendly and accessible if you want to keep a high satisfaction with the service you provide.

Formalizing the process of an occupant requesting maintenance might frustrate some in that it feels to them like they ought to just be able to say that something isn’t working and have it taken care of.

But the reality is, of course, that a more formalized process delivers better results. You can ask specific questions that you know you’ll need the answer to and eliminate the risk of information simply not getting to you.

There are many options you could take, such as paper forms or web-based request forms. And you can always allow for a phone call option if you do think a personal touch is worth it. The occupant can feel happy that they’ve explained what they wanted to, while you know the person on the other end is prepared to both get what they need and immediately record it at the same time.

Digitize Your Maintenance Request Process

The best way to ensure that all information gets to where it needs to go, every time, you can get on board with Computerized Maintenance Management Software. Instead of having to dig into paper binders or obtuse spreadsheets every time a new request comes in, you can set your system up to accept new tasks easily, and from wherever you are.

A cloud-based system can be accessed and updated on-the-go, whether that’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can enter tasks based on form submissions — or even do it live via that phone call (or indeed, when you’re stopped in the corridor!).

Everything’s consistently entered and assigned based on your design. You’ve got due dates, reminders, and plenty of space for notes. If you want to ensure that all your maintenance information is entered accurately, CMMS is your custom solution.

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