Limit Your Downtime With Preventative Maintenance Software

January 18, 2016
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No one likes downtime for maintenance work, but sometimes it is a necessity.  Many times it's the preventative maintenance that makes sure everything stays up to date, more beautiful, and working properly.


For instance, Paws Park in Helena is closed to the public this week while city crews perform maintenance and spruce up the area. 

“A spigot will be repaired to reduce the amount of water that accumulates over time. The Helena Parks Department will also plant trees, providing  shade and new terrain for dogs and their owners. In addition, crews will stain park benches to update and help keep them in good shape.”


Determine What Needs Fixing 

Now while no one in the public likes not being able to visit their favorite park, this necessary downtime makes sure things are fixed that need to be fixed and it beautifies the park, making it more pleasant to visit with your canine friend.  This is just one example and while you probably don't do the maintenance for a dog park at your facility, preventative maintenance downtime happens quite often, no matter what type of maintenance department it is.


Ensure A Reasonable Timeline For Repair

The important thing to keep in mind is that this is something that is actually making your job easier in the long run. Sometimes this is hard to explain to the public because they want to be able to access the facility as often as possible but in the long run, they will have a much more efficient and attractive place to visit – whether it's a park, a resort, or even a healthcare facility.


Set Regular Maintenance Schedule

Sometimes preventative maintenance takes a few hours and sometimes it can take weeks – it all depends on what type of facility you take care of. However, to lessen the downtime, doing regular preventative maintenance throughout the year and keeping up with it really makes a difference in how much time you have to spend with a facility that is closed.


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With Maintenance Care, you can use Preventative Maintenance Software as early as you want so that it is always done on time and never gets forgotten or pushed aside. When it's time for the work to be done, the employee automatically gets the work you scheduled for them.


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