Keep Your Employees Efficient with Facility Management Software

April 4, 2014
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One thing that is important to any maintenance facility is keeping things efficient. You can't have an operation that runs smoothly if you don't have a way in place of keeping everything organized and cohesive. One way to ensure that your entire staff has a way of keeping efficient is facility management software.




Managing Tasks

No matter what kind of facility you manage that has maintenance tasks, there is a way of doing things that can not only help aid in production speed but keeps everyone knowledgeable about what is going on and what has to be done each day. While the old way of assigning maintenance tasks was typically to write things down and hand out work orders (anyone remember the old clipboards with paperwork on them?) that is not the most expeditious way of keeping up with everything that goes on in a workplace where maintenance is an integral part of the operation.

For instance, if you have a large crew that is assigned work orders throughout the day, it takes time to have them come to the maintenance shop to get their orders, turn in their orders, or update you on what is going on. While many maintenance supervisors also use the phone to communicate, there's a better way that not only saves time but helps everything run seamlessly.


Choosing The Right Workflow

With the right type of management software, everything can be done electronically. You don't have to call an employee when an unexpected task comes up and then worry about getting ahold of them, them hearing exactly where and what needs to be done, and knowing that they'll write it all done correctly. Instead, you enter the task that needs to be done and everything is included that you need such as a place for notes, room numbers or building areas, the task type, and more. There is even a place on the electronic form that they get with specific warnings if applicable such as an elevator being out or that work is being done on a certain part of the building.

Your employee gets the information and after the task is done they can communicate back with you electronically to let you know the task is done. This shows up in your dashboard that the job is complete and allows you to keep up with remaining tasks and times it took to complete the job as well as who completed it. Your life will be made easier and the jobs that have to be done will become much easier to manage.


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