Improve Your Customer Service Experience With A CMMS Program

October 7, 2015
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If you are in the hospitality sector of maintenance management, then you know how important it is to have excellent customer service. A CMMS program can not only help you track and deal with customer complaints in a timely manner, but it can help you in many other areas of your maintenance management as well.


It may seem like some customers simply want to complain about every little thing. However, think about when you go on a vacation – you want every detail to be perfect. Sometimes it is just the little things that make the difference between a happy guest and a dissatisfied one.


Clean and Functioning

For instance, if the shower doesn't get hot enough and maybe the floor is dirty, it simply adds to a customer being less than satisfied with their experience. Now imagine along with those two things, there is a door that sticks, a toilet that runs continuously, and a bed that has a sagging mattress. You wouldn't want to stay in a room like that and your guests don't want to either.


No Thing Too Small

You are probably very busy and it can be easy to fall behind on everything that needs to be done in a guests room, not to mention all of the outside maintenance. It is much easier to stay organized with a program that allows you to schedule all of the maintenance from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. In fact, a CMMS Program from Maintenance Care allows you to send out work tasks immediately through the app. The days of writing up work orders and having your employees come into the office to get them, is in the past.


Always On Call 

You expect the best when you stay at a motel, hotel, or inn and your guests expect the best as well. Most of these things are pretty minor but when they all add up, they negatively impact your customers experience which, in turn, can become a major problem.  Preventative maintenance can be scheduled so that your maintenance crew is always on top of anything that needs attention.


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With a CMMS Program from Maintenance Care, you can easily schedule regular work tasks so all repairs are completed quickly and efficiently.  Clean, well maintained rooms will keep your customers happy and your business will continue to grow.


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