Improve the Comfort of your Senior Residents With CMMS

October 28, 2019
2 min

Run or work in a seniors’ residence? Then high on your list of priorities should be ensuring that everyone’s comfortable.

Maintenance in doorway

That’s easy to say, but there’s a lot you’re responsible for. Everything from the temperature of the living areas, to the lighting, to the elevators, to the kitchens. And when you’ve got that many points of possible failure, no one can expect to have everything running 100% — 100% of the time.

After all, that is the point of maintenance, right?

But wherever your current success rate lies right now, there are things you can do to raise it higher and create a more comfortable and welcoming residence. Chief among them? Computerized Maintenance Management Software.

How CMMS Can Help Your Seniors’ Residence Maintenance

People understand that sometimes, something breaks. What you need to do is respond quickly.

That starts with reporting the issue in the first place. You can’t be in all places at all times, so you need to rely on the word getting to you that something isn’t working as soon as possible.

The best way to do that? A simple online reporting system. One that’s always available, never puts the reporter on hold, and can ask for all the information every time.

That works for you because you’re getting all the info you need in a digital format from the beginning. And it works for the reporter because they’re able to quickly get it done and move on with their own day.

With CMMS, this is possible. And now you have this information, you can get to work.

Work Order Management That Decreases Downtime

When you handle your work orders digitally, you can get your maintenance staff to work right away. Say the fridge in the kitchen isn’t working. The kitchen staff report the issue online (rather than catching someone in the hall on the way to something else who then forgets to log it), then you can assign the task right away.

Rather than have to wait for someone to get back to hand them a paper work order, they just get a notification on their phone right away. If you’re lucky, they might even already be in the vicinity with the right tools, and able to seamlessly transition into the job.

And now, when done, they mark it as done on their mobile device. They’re also able to write down any pertinent information while still on-site for your records.

With CMMS, you can get a lot more done quickly.

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