Hunger Games: Facility Management Software

December 9, 2013
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In the Hunger Games, several people are in a closed environment where they encounter obstacles, disasters, and each other. The environment has the ability to change from sunny to rainy, and even have a firestorm suddenly appear. The controllers of the closed environment are able to monitor everything that happens and to make changes as they desire.


Imagine how advanced this futuristic post apocalyptic society must be to create entire environments contained within a dome.  If this were real, you'd have to think that in order to handle all the intricacies of that closed environment, they must be using some sort of facility management software. Just as they use advanced technology to control their environment, they surely need software to manage their facility. 


Fiction vs. Reality

In our reality, you are not wanting a software to change the weather inside your facility or to create natural disasters. But, you probably do want software to handle the environment so there is adequate heat and air conditioning. You also need to know how much is being used so you can budget for that expense.

Reality is you do not have a facility where individuals are being controlled as they fight for their lives. However, you do have a facility where individuals are working and living and need the basics such as water and electricity. You need software to manage the use of those basics, and to record the use so you can budget for those expenses.

Reality is you do not need a software as complicated as that used in the Hunger Games. However, you do want software that can handle whatever complications you have in your facility in a simple way. 


Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is getting great reviews from critics and the audience around the world.  The key to the films success is delivering on the promise that the book initially delivered to its readers.   Much too often these days, films fall way short on delivering the excitement that the book did.  Being able to have a foundation for a great story and deliver the same feeling on the big screen that one gets from reading is difficult to do.  

The same applies to the software that you use.  It might look great and sound like the perfect software for your organization from the content provided on the website, but does it delivery what it promises?  Useful Facility management software is not easy to find much like books translated into good movies, so make sure the software itself deals with the reality of your daily life and help make your job easier. 

Reality is, the best run facilities use facilities management software because it is a smart choice. Wondering about your facility? Just contact us and let's talk.


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