How to Save Time and Money with Free CMMS Software

August 28, 2019
2 min

Looking into saving some time and money in your maintenance department? Whether you’re responsible for a school, a hotel, a golf course, a senior residence, or a manufacturing plant, a lot of the administrative work of maintenance basically comes down to managing work orders.

Maintenance work order task

You have to create a task, assign a task, give it a due date, include any relevant information, and send a maintenance technician out to complete it.

Then you have to verify they’ve completed the task, file it away — and hope you never have to find it again.

Managing Work Orders with Free CMMS Software

Enter CMMS. With this purpose-built solution to your work order management, you simplify and eliminate many points of friction within the process — while opening up whole new time-efficient means of making better decisions with easier reporting.

Electronically, you’ll have all the space you need to enter all the information a task requires. No more scrawling into margins or including a separate piece of paper.

Then, as soon as you assign the work order to the right person and set the due date, you don’t have to worry about it. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they’ll get a notification reminding them when something needs to be done, without you having to personally verify that they’re aware of the task.

It just happens, automatically.

Time Savings of CMMS

You can see right away how much easier electronically creating word orders can be. You save time managing all these bits of paper and making sure they get to the right person at the initial stage.

But you’re also saving yourself a ton of time later, too. With a cloud-connected CMMS, your technician can simply take their phone or tablet with them and mark off their work as completed right as they’re physically finishing the task. And they can include as much information as they need too — noting if the repair is totally done, or if they need something else, if the part needs to be replaced: whatever it is.

And you don’t have to file it away. There’s no chance the paper gets lost or damaged on the way back, and it’s not going to sit on a desk for three days. It’s simply automatically accounted for.

The Money Savings of CMMS

Now that your work order has been electronically filed, you can access it any time. Pull up any sort of report you want — filtered by day, by location, by equipment, and more.

You’ll have your report in seconds, rather than having to cross-reference spreadsheets or dig through hundreds of slips of paper.And with that report, you’ll be able to stay on top of trends like never before. You’ll be newly empowered, for instance, to track the performance of your assets, and identify when preventative maintenance may be appropriate — extending the lifetime of your equipment.

You’ll also be able to spot when something’s up and be able to step in and replace something before it causes a costly accident.

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