How To Create A Preventive Maintenance Checklist For Hotels

August 30, 2022
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Maintaining a great relationship between guest and host is at the core of the hospitality industry. So many different factors can affect a person’s experience at a hotel or resort, and the upkeep of the facility is a considerable one. 

After a long and tiring day of traveling, the last thing a hotel guest wants to experience is malfunctioning air conditioning in their room or zero water pressure from the showerhead.

Creating a hotel preventative maintenance checklist will help you get ahead of these issues to deliver a five-star experience to your guests. 

A proactive approach to maintaining your facility will not only mitigate complaints but will also save you money on expensive repairs down the road.

Creating a Schedule and Sticking to It

Since hotels see a lot of foot traffic from travelers, housekeeping and other staff, minor wear and tear to the facility is inevitable. Developing a hotel maintenance schedule can help you delegate preventative tasks and lessen unplanned downtime.

Regular maintenance duties can also increase the safety of your accommodations and, in turn, the health and wellbeing of your customers. The beauty of preventative maintenance is that you can anticipate and plan for repairs and upgrades, rather than scrambling to tackle unexpected issues.

reactive maintenance vs preventive maintenance at swimming pools can make the difference

When creating a hotel maintenance schedule, you can begin by assessing your equipment and larger systems to see what needs to be taken care of soon. From there, you can plan for additional tasks that can be completed within different timelines.

Break up tasks into daily, bi-monthly, quarterly, seasonal, biannual and/or annual timelines to create an organized preventative maintenance schedule you can stick to.

Determine Your Frequent Preventative Maintenance Tasks

Certain preventative maintenance duties should be completed daily. Breaking these tasks up into areas of the facility can make it easier to assign and check off once completed.

  • Guest room inspections should include: lighting, plumbing, thermostat, appliances, furniture and fixture damage or wear.

  • Common area inspections should include: pools, lawns and landscaping, fitness equipment, laundry facilities, doors and windows.

  • Building systems inspections should include: meter readings for HVAC systems as well as boilers and chillers, safety alarm operations, electrical systems, industrial kitchens, plumbing, roof, exterior safety and possible hazards.

hold your team accountable for general maintenance in the guest rooms

Schedule Out Your Seasonal Checks

Certain hotel preventative maintenance tasks can be scheduled and completed as the seasons change. By planning these out ahead of time quarterly, you can gain better foresight into what’s ahead and assign tasks accordingly.

Tasks that vary by season can include:

  • Garden and outdoor space maintenance and upkeep

  • Door and window seal functionality

  • HVAC and refrigeration air filter and coil checks

  • Parking lot salt or plowing

  • Leak inspections

  • Backup generator repairs or inspections

Create Your Hotel Maintenance Checklist 

Once you have a general idea of a timeline for your overarching and specific tasks, it’s time to organize these duties with a hotel preventive maintenance checklist. 

You can use your timeline as a guide to organizing your action item and breaking tasks up into specific periods based on your preventative maintenance schedule.

many hotels deal with water leaks and broken towel racks highlighting importance of preventive maintenance

Organize your checklist by location or area within your hotel, then list out each specific task associated with a specific room or asset. You can also divide tasks into categories such as inspection or repair. 

Categories to Include in Your Checklist:

  • Room number

  • Inspector name

  • Inspection date

  • Item to review

  • Current status (e.g. needs repaired, needs replaced, compliant, clean, dirty)

  • Completion date and final sign-off

A hotel asset management tool allows you to create your checklists and schedule preventative maintenance tasks at various frequencies. You can also use this tool to keep track of your compliance checks and regular ADA and safety inspections.

A CMMS Can Help You Stay on Track

Creating simple checklists and sticking to your schedule is easily accomplished with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). 

Task management lets your whole team know what needs to be done and when, so you can build out your preventative maintenance calendar and mark items off when completed.

Your business and company can benefit from a CMMS

Since maintenance and cleaning duties often work hand-in-hand to ensure your hotel is meeting health and safety standards, integrations like CareClean can help you develop cleaning schedules and checklists with ease. 

A clean, well cared for and compliant facility will keep guests satisfied and comfortable during their stay. Taking a proactive approach to your hotel maintenance responsibilities will reduce equipment downtime and keep your team on track throughout each year. 

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