How CMMS Helps Senior Facilities Remain Compliant

September 19, 2019
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When you're running a senior living facility, you're subject to a variety of compliance regulations. And for good reason — you're trusted with the comfort, health, and well being of senior citizens in their day-to-day lives. It's up to you to maintain a high standard of living to keep your residents happy — and doing that requires you to be on the ball when it comes to maintenance.

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Keeping Temperatures Steady

This is an environment where people are living their lives. If things get too cold or too hot, you risk disrupting not only their comfort — but their health too. Many regulations in the senior living industry require you to keep your building temperatures at an appropriate setting. And like any facility that prepares and serves food, you'll have fridges, freezers and coolers to maintain too.

With a CMMS, you can schedule regular temperature checks. If you integrate it with a sensor technology, you can go even further by getting instant notifications when the temperature fluctuates. That way, you can address the issue before a resident even notices.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

You need to keep the space clean and tidy for your residents' comfort. And you'll have maintain fully stocked supplies for them to use. It's easy for things to slip when it gets busy — but you have to stay on top of it.

Using a CMMS, you can set recurring tasks that pop up with plenty of notification. You're not tracking things on paper that can get lost, damaged, or contribute to a poor, haphazard record-keeping system. You're dealing with a reliable, customizable digital approach to proper maintenance management.

Keeping Tabs On Everything

There's a lot to deal with. Systems that will break if you're not paying attention. Problems that can fly under the radar until all of a sudden, you've got a burst pipe. You need something that can help you deal with:

  • Plumbing, toilets, and sinks
  • Heating systems and hot water boilers
  • Ventilation, air conditioning

And plenty more. And besides all that, when things do go wrong, you need to address it ASAP.

CMMS In a Senior Facility

With a computerized maintenance management system, you can streamline both the reporting and the maintenance ends of the equation. You can provide a better experience for residents and staff to report issues they spot via a centralized online page, and you're able to directly manage these complaints — along with all your scheduled, preventative maintenance.

The result is you have fewer disruptive issues occur in the first place. And when things do happen, you hear about and respond to it a lot faster.

And what that all means is your senior living facility is better positioned to adhere to the regulation requirements you're subject to. And that's a whole load off your mind.

Want to know more about how a CMMS can help you out? Because as well as meeting those requirements, you'll find yourself saving money overall and having a lot more time freed up. Start with a demo below — and we'll be happy to get as customized as you need for your unique situation.

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