Happy New Year! We Have a Super Gift For You!

January 4, 2019
1 min

Happy New Year to all our great customers! To celebrate the arrival of 2019, we wanted to stop by with an update…and a little gift! Scroll down to take advantage of any (or all!) of the free safety awareness posters we made just for you, and see what you can expect from Maintenance Care in the months ahead. 

Maintenance Care || CMMS 2019 || Happy New Year

Thanks for Helping Us Grow!

2018 was an amazing year for us thanks to you. Your business has helped our business grow both in staff and capability year over year – allowing us be who we are today! A far cry from where we started as a self-funded company, we’re proud to say that we’re now making decisions based on multi-year projections and, as a result, we’re able to bring greater value to our customers overall. We’re so happy to have added great people to our team that allow us to be faster and generate great new ideas (check out our brand-new Parts and Inventory and 3DVR features and you’ll see what we mean!).

More to Come in 2019

It’s important to us that our CMMS maintenance software continues to work just as hard as you – and that means making our software as efficient and user specific as possible. So, this year, we’re developing a functionality that will allow all of our clients to build their own databases with Maintenance Care. Because we know every one of our customers uses our CMMS maintenance software differently, we want you to have the level of customization you need for your own unique needs.

You’ll also be able to look forward to our Vendor Store which allows users to shop around for services directly from within Maintenance Care. Plus, we have more A.I. on the way -which is always super cool.

Speaking of super (and cool), we look forward to continuing our efforts to be your CMMS superheroes to infinity and beyond (we even have the video to prove it!). And just like Batman, we have a utility belt full of inventive gadgets and helpful solutions (we also love to go to “bat” for our clients...ha!).

We hope you enjoy the posters and, as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you again and Happy New Year!

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