Change How You Run Your Maintenance Department With CMMS Benefits

May 14, 2019
2 min

It's time to let go of the old-fashioned way and step into the future.

Are you still keeping track of your maintenance tasks with spreadsheets and logbooks? Because if so, it's only a matter of time until something happens that CMMS could have prevented.

Use the cloud in your maintenance

  • A maintenance worker loses a piece of paper with vital maintenance information
  • Physical environmental or accidental damage wipes out years of records that aren't backed up elsewhere
  • Critical machinery fails — and you're to able to predict it, or understand and prevented it via repair or replacement

Not only can a modern CMMS solution help you avoid all these issues — it makes it a lot easier for your staffs' day-to-day work to get done.

How The Cloud Helps Maintenance Departments

Cloud-based CMMS systems have several enormous benefits. Basically, it untethers your maintenance database — whether already digital or paper-based — from your desk.

The cloud allows you to take advantage your data from anywhere your choose. Unlike traditional software, each workstation can access the same data, and gets automatic updates. You're always on the latest version, won't get out of date, and you don't even have to install or maintain any additional hardware.

With the Cloud, Go Mobile

When your data lives on the cloud, it's also possible to build a mobile app that runs on smart phones and tablets. So now, your staff doesn't even have to be at any desk to access it — they get instant notification of tasks that need to be done.

You're streamlining the process of creating and assigning tasks, giving yourself tools to create, track, and close work orders. You can check out parts, get information on assets and equipment, and ensure that workers' time is accounted for with work credited to them. Everything is real-item, accessible from anywhere, and eliminates the need for hand-written notes that all-too-often go missing.

More Than Just Work Orders

With CMMS from Maintenance Care, there are even more benefits beyond work orders. You have the ability to set up preventative maintenance tasks, keep up with inventory, and even track your equipment performance and get an idea of the lifespan of the equipment.

This is imperative when trying to decide when to replace a piece of equipment instead of paying for another repair. It also helps you predict downtime and gives a head’s up on how it may affect your workload.

If you’re not up to date with the latest CMMS or are doing things the old-school way, these are just a few of the many benefits of having CMMS in your work life. You can find out more in this CMMS guide!

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