Facility Management Software Helps Shows Where Funds Go

November 4, 2014
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If there is one thing that is true when it comes to running a facility, sometimes funds are hard to come by. Whether the powers that be don't think that the facility needs the extra funding or funds are hard to come by, it is still imperative to have what you need to run your maintenance shop properly. 

Whether you run a facility for a Homeowner's Association, at an educational facility, a healthcare facility, or within the hospitality industry, sometimes it's the maintenance shop that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the allocation of funds. This can be due to a number of reasons such as the people in control of funding not thinking that the maintenance shop is a top priority, whoever is in charge thinking that the needs are not a necessity, or simply that the funding is not there.


Maintenance Managers Suffer

However, as a maintenance manager you know how important it is to have the necessary means to keep things running smoothly and up to date. Equipment breaks down and needs repairs or a replacement, there is employee hiring and training costs, and the regular day to day business that requires a certain amount of money in order to run well.


With Facility Management Software, it is easy to show where every cent is being used because every work order is logged in, training can be documented, all equipment is in the database, and you can even show when the equipment was bought, how much it was, and when repairs have been done. There is a life expectancy area as well that helps determine when equipment should be replaced instead of having another repair.


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Initial Software Investment

While the software is an initial investment, it makes it easier on the maintenance manager to be able to bring important costs and funding issues up to whoever is in charge – whether it is the board of directors or a government entity. By being able to run reports, this allows you an a more seamless way of making sure that your needs for the maintenance facility are met and while we can't guarantee you'll get the funding you need as soon as you need it, it is by far an easier presentation or proposal when you have the data to back you up.


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