Facility Management Software Helps Reduce Water Usage

March 4, 2015
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When it comes to saving on water consumption, one way to use less water is with waterless urinals. These have been around since 1991 but have become more popular over the last few years, especially in areas where water has been rationed such as areas with drought conditions.


Even those properties that don't have to worry about a water shortage, it saves on the water bill by as much as 200,000 gallons of water over a five year period.



Waterless urinals work by the waste draining through a cartridge at the bottom. This area of the bowl has a blue liquid that is lighter than urine which traps any odors at the bottom. The urine flows to the bottom of the chamber and is prevented from moving the floating sealant by a barrier. Once it goes beneath the barrier, it reaches an exit chamber where it spills over and empties out to the sewer pipe that is going outbound.


Not only are waterless urinals a cost-saving thing to have, they are easy to maintain with facility management software. However, maintenance workers should be trained on how to clean them because there are a few things that can disrupt the cartridge seal such as dumping the urine down the urinal. Mostly, they are to be wiped down and cleaned with a simple cleanser. As far as maintaining the trap and sealant, the liquid sealant simply has to be replenished at some point – usually after around 1500 flushes. Depending on how often the urinal is used, it may not have to replaced more often than a couple or more times per year.


Save Money

The point is, money is saved in plumbing costs since there is no water pipes that are used and training is pretty simple and to the point when it comes to your employees. In order to keep your waterless urinals in tip top shape, you can use Maintenance Facility Software in order to schedule regular cleanings and maintenance. For example, these tasks can be scheduled every day for cleaning and then twice a year for the replenishing liquid sealant. This is just an example schedule since your individual usage will vary depending on your property's amount of food traffic.


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Are waterless urinals right for your property? Only you can make that decision but they are definitely a way to save on plumbing costs as well as water consumption.

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