Facility Management Software: 4 Benefits to Updating Your Lighting

May 6, 2015
1 min

When updating your facility's lighting, nothing shows more class than LED or fiber optic lights. However, which is the one you should choose as the maintenance manager? 



Here are a few things you should know so that you can make an informed decision for your company: 


1)  Cost 

LED lights are always going to be less costly when it comes to installation and upkeep. The difference is that fiber optic lights need a cooling fan for the bulbs as well as the electric motor that makes the color changes you see. LED lights also last longer with a range of more than seven years and up to about 15 years whereas fiber optic bulbs last around three to seven years.


2)  Difficulty

It is always going to be easier to change out a fiber optic bulb simply due to being able to access it from a panel box. However, LED bulbs are not that difficult to change – the only difference is that someone has to get into the water or reach down to where the bulb is housed and change out that particular bulb.


3)  Safety

Both types of lighting are very safe. Even the underwater LED lights only have a low voltage of around 12 volts – what you might find in a battery charger.


4)  Aesthetics

When choosing between LED or fiber optic lights you may want to know how each one will look. For one thing, LED lights won't change colors as uniformly as LED. Whereas fiber optic lights can fade into a color change, LED lights will change in a more static way with less blending. LED lights will look brighter but fiber optic lights will look more subtle and subdued for a more elegant look.


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No matter what type of lighting you choose for your facility, each one will make the appearance more updated and better looking for your guests – whether it's an apartment complex, a hospitality business, or even a college. With Facility Management Software, you can easily keep up with the preventative maintenance as well as your assets and work orders.


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