Facility Maintenance Software Will Ensure Your HVAC Coils Are Clean

September 14, 2015
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Most parts of North America are pretty warm right now with some places being downright stifling with the heat. One way to help keep things cool is by making sure that your HVAC unit has clean coils.


Cooling 101

The coils in an HVAC unit become dirty over time. Contaminants, dust, pollen, debris, mold, and grime cause the heating and air conditioning unit to have to work harder. This not only drives up cooling costs but it puts a strain on the unit itself and can lead to repair costs down the line.


The problems that can arise are:

  • A decrease in cooling capacity

  • More energy use

  • An increase in operating temperatures and pressures

  • A buildup of ice on the coils

  • More wear and tear on the system which leads to expensive repairs or replacement


A qualified HVAC technician can perform routine cleanings on the unit and ensure that your air conditioning system is performing at its optimum ability. However, some maintenance departments have employees that are also qualified to clean the system. The basics of cleaning the coils can be through a variety of ways: compressed air, detergents and water, and through commercial cleaners. Once access is gained to the HVAC's coils, these can be cleaned by a qualified employee or someone you hire to do the work for you.


Regular Maintenance Schedule

If you do decide to have someone in your building to do it for you, you can easily schedule it on a regular basis.

Even if you plan to have a professional HVAC technician come out to perform the work for you, Facility Maintenance Software or CMMS, allows you to schedule this preventative maintenance in advance – easily and even remotely.



Keep cooler this summer by making sure the HVAC coils at your facility are clean and functioning properly. Have all of your preventative maintenance in order by using a computerized maintenance management software program. 



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