Facility Maintenance Software New Feature: Manage Users

September 22, 2014
1 min

Is your team growing and thriving? Are you facing a retirement wave? Or do you just need to add users from another department within your company? Then we have some news for you! Our latest upgrade allows for the creation and management of user accounts.  Check out the latest add-on and find out how your company can now add, delete and disable users right from your favorite Facility Maintenance Software, Maintenance Care.



Say What? CMMS has just gotten better!

Yes! Now you can now manage anyone who should have access to Maintenance Care directly from our new interface. From housekeeping staff to facility manager, the new and advanced feature is your new best friend. It's very easy to use and gives you the flexibility to add new users, delete or disable users as well as manage which part of the Maintenance Care software they should have access to.

This nifty new feature helps you deal with staff fluctuations easily and efficiently. New hire in the maintenance department? No problem! Linda from management has just retired? It's only a few clicks to delete. Seasonal staff access needs to be disabled? We have you covered.

"Super-users" in charge

It goes without saying that not everybody can make changes to users, but we'll spell it out for the record anyways: only those designated as Company Administrators or Managers will have access to this added feature.  If you want access and have this smart function in practice for your team, contact us today and request this feature to be added to your account! For further information, check out our online wiki (user guide) to find out more about this new feature --> Find out more!


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