Facility Maintenance Software 2.0 of Mobile App

December 16, 2013
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Much too often when using a Facility Maintenance Software, one is stuck sitting at a desk without the ability to manage their tasks on-the-fly.  Since it is our continued mission to improve on efficiency and allow the army of facility maintenance managers out there do their job in the most effective way, we have made available our second version of our very popular mobile app, iMCare.  



Just in Time for the Holidays

We're excited to announce that iMCare 2.0, our super-easy-to-use app for managing maintenance tasks, is now available for download. iMCare 2.0 lets you do more including take pictures and upload them directly into Maintenance Care without any complications. It's loaded with tons of new features and boasts a new sleek look similar to that of Apple's iOS7.  


What is iMCare App?

Here's a scenario to consider.  Imagine you are on the 2nd floor checking in on the air conditioning unit and you receive a notification for a possible plumbing problem just a few doors away.  You put down your tools, walk over to assess the situation right away, and avoid a potentially disastrous situation.  All of this was made possible only because you had your trusty facility maintenance software mobile app in your pocket!  


The iMCare Mobile App allows you to access all the items within your Maintenance Care account while you are on the go.  You can manage incoming work orders as well as all of your preventive maintenance in an easy-to-use interface.  You can also browse through your building equipment or scroll through a list of vendors so that you can easily contact them when needed!  It also allows you to take pictures from within tha app and attach them right away to a task or a piece of equipment.  The image is stored automatically into Maintenance Care's Space Center allowing anyone with the proper access to review images of jobs completed or malfunctioning equipment.

New Features

Check out these new features now available on iMCare 2.0:

  • New iOS7 Look and Feel
  • Saves Your Filter Settings
  • Take and Upload Pictures Directly to Space Center
  • View and Assign Tasks
  • View Assets and Transactions
  • Enhanced Reporting


If you are without a facility maintenance software and would like to learn more about getting mobile, give us a call today and get into High Maintenance!

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