Facility Maintenance Software Helps Older Buildings

January 13, 2015
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Not everyone is fortunate enough to work at a state of the art building with all of the bells and whistles that come with a new building. In fact, most of us don't. With an aging building comes more responsibility in making sure that you are on top of things that need replacement or repairs and Facility Maintenance Software can help. 



There are quite a few areas that need special attention and here are a few to keep in mind:


The roof is integral to your building and needs to be kept in top condition so that a total replacement is something that can be done later, rather than sooner. If you have qualified maintenance personnel, you can have them check for standing water, water stains that may indicate a leak, debris or loose objects, loose shingles (which are typically found on residential roofs but some businesses may have these), roof flashing gaps, and bubbles on the roof deck which mean there is trapped condensation.


Over time, pipes can get clogged and corroded which can cause major problems and expensive repairs. In this type of maintenance, you will probably need a plumber to perform backflow prevention and testing or to perform pipe rehabilitation that can extend the life of the pipes in your building. However, your maintenance crew can do visual checks and report any issues that they are aware of so that you know when you need to call a professional plumbing company for more extensive work.


Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is a very expensive component when it comes to replacement. It is easier to perform preventative maintenance on your system and keep it running smoothly to avoid expensive repairs. Make sure your maintenance team knows the correct size of air filters to use and that they are replaced as often as needed. They can also check for visual damage or areas that may need caulking or media sealing to ensure that your system runs well, as long as possible.

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Most of these areas can be maintained by utilizing preventative maintenance strategies. One way to make sure that these maintenance areas are always covered is to have Facility Maintenance Software which allows you to schedule preventative maintenance, work orders, and more – all in advance. This way, you don't have to worry that it's not being done because it'll automatically come up as a task that was scheduled to be completed.


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