Facilities Management Software Ensuring Electronic Key Cards Are Safe

February 9, 2015
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Years ago, if you checked in to a motel or hotel you most likely received a set of keys showing the room number. While this rudimentary way of accessing your room may have worked fine, it is not that safe. For one thing, the keys typically have a room number displayed on them so that if they are lost or stolen, anyone can access the room.

In recent years, that has changed and many hotels and motels implement a key card system that makes it safer for the guest and easy for the maintenance crew.


Electronic key card systems allow the cards to be changed so that they will not work after a guest leaves, or if they lose the cards. They look similar to an ATM card and even have the same type of magnetic strip that allows access to the room. Each card has a code and can be “re-keyed” after a guest leaves so that each room is totally secure from unwanted guests.


Card Security

One way that this is helpful to your hospitality maintenance department is that you can run a report on the lock's access, called a lock interrogation. This allows you to see when the room was accessed which is helpful in determining more data on instances of theft or other security issues.  Electronic key cards help with sales as well because guests are typically more likely to stay at a place that has them as opposed to one that does not.


Lost Cards

Obviously, electronic key cards do have a couple of disadvantages. One thing is that when a key was lost in the past, a receptionist or desk clerk could simply issue a new key. With electronic key cards, usually a maintenance staff member will do the re-keying of the cards which means a trip to work when a customer is in need of a new one. As with any electronic item, there can be problems and one thing that can happen is demagnetizing of the card. If this happens, another card has to be issued. The last disadvantage is the cost to switch over. Replacing a regular key system with an electronic key card system will cost a few hundred dollars per room but it is worth it in the long run.


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Using Facilities Management Software with your electronic key card system will keep you informed of when employees and guests have accessed the room and enable you to keep a safer environment at your business.

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