Easier Budgeting with Facility Management Software

May 1, 2014
1 min

If there is one thing that is important about running your facility it's keeping your budget under control. This can be difficult at times but one thing that makes your budgeting easier is facility management software.



Here are some factors that will affect your budget planning throughout the year.

1) Repair Costs

With facility management software you have a place for everything you need including repair costs. Each section gives you a chance to add notes, dates, costs, and more so that you can keep up with the budget when it comes to repairs. Whether it's expensive machinery or tools for your employees, it's convenient and functional.

2) Assets Costs

In the profile of the facility management software, you have a place where all of the company assets that you are in charge of can be identified. You can keep a record of the usage, description, model, date purchased and it even allows you to keep up with the life expectancy of the item so you know whether it's more cost effective to purchase a new product or repair the old one.


3) Preventative Maintenance

By having an features specifically for preventative maintenance you can always keep up with not only what has to be done but what products were used and how many are left. For instance, if the light bulbs were changed in a certain motel room then you know who did it, when it was done, when it needs to be done again, and what was used out of inventory. This allows you to keep up with preventative costs as well.


4) Dashboard Control

Your dashboard area allows you to run endless reports on just about anything involved with your facility. You get to choose your own preferences and you can export the data in a number of ways. This allows you to keep up with expenditures easier and more efficiently and you can share the paperwork and reports if needed.

No matter what kind of facility you run, costs are one of the most important parts of your job and by having a way to keep up with everything, your costs can be kept to a minimum and you'll be able to show where every dime was spent. This is perfect when having to present a budget increase to board members or other company members and it will help you know when items need to be replaced.

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